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Welcome to this site, Meet Coach Iris, and to my blog, Life’s Changing Seasons.  I am  owner and founder of Vision Powered Coaching, and Expert Adoption Coach, a branch of Vision Powered Coaching.

If you’re wondering what it is that I do….I help people suffering from loss, trauma and stressful life changes, find a brighter future, by transforming their misery into a new normal full of hope and possibility.  

I will help you stop suffering and learn how to build new strategies for coping better. 

A lot of people think that being unhappy and yearning for a different life is the norm, and they don’t know how to do it any other way.  Does that describe you? Are you so used to feeling sad, stuck, in emotional pain, or like life is never going to get any better, that you just accept it?

I can show you how to change that!   If you want to do more than just survive life, survive dreadful things that may have happened to you, I’m someone you want to get to know.

I use many different tools and methods in working with my clients. I know that we are all different. We have different personalities, different learning styles and different talents, fears and beliefs.  Every method doesn’t work for every person.  You are highly unique, so together we will explore what works best for you.

I do use creativity, writing and poetry in my work if you are open to it.  A lot of people think they aren’t any good at writing, or that they don’t like or understand poetry.  Writing, and poetry in particular, are terrific tools for helping to access emotions that may be bottled up, or even forgotten.  Being guided to write about your feelings and experiences can prime the pump and can facilitate your getting some useful clarity about your life and about what holds you back.

I have been a poet just about my entire life. On my blog you will find some of my poetry. Why not give it a try, even if you think poetry is not for you.  You might be very surprised. Some of my poems are “coaching poems”, created not only to express important feelings, but to teach and to inspire insights and change. Over the years my poetry has been published in a variety of print and on line magazines.  I also ran a poetry group for senior citizens, and I  regularly use prose and poetry writing in coaching telegroups that I lead for people who have experienced loss, grief and trauma.

Not sure about the writing part? Don’t worry because my coaching toolkit is filled with ideas and ways to get you to whatever it is you want to do.

  Did you do a search and land here by mistake? Don’t run away too fast. You just might enjoy what you read here.

  If you are having a tough time managing any Big Changes, Hard Choices or making the best use of Second Chances that have come your way, I can help you fly through the winds of even very difficult life stage decisions and problems. I can help emerge from darkness and despair with new goals and new meaning in your life.   Let’s get to know each other soon.

      I have strong expertise in the following areas:

  • Loss and Grief of all types (Widows/Widowers, Divorce, Relationship Loss, Loss of Dream, etc.)
  • Aging Happily and Healthfully
  • Reinventing Yourself at Any Age or Stage
  •  Sandwich Generation Issues
  •  Relationship Changes
  •  Adoption Loss & Other Issues for Adoptive Families, Prospective Adopters, Teen and Adult Adoptees, Birthparents   



“Wanna-Be Coaches” and Fledgling or Floundering Coaches!   I have expanded my services to working with new and “wanna-be” coaches too.  Many people call me for info or advice, and have no idea where to begin, or if they are on the right path with a business they have begun, but that isn’t growing as they once envisioned.  Learn more here: